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Stylish, healthy, tropical plants!

Plant Plantation is an interiorscape design and services company serving the rapidly growing central Texas area. Our business is focused on making you look your best, by providing interior plants (office plants) and related items of impeccable quality! Providing tropical plants for Austin is what we do, and along with our tropical plants services and plant maintenance programs, we keep the appearance of your business in top shape!

Plant Plantation Service Methodology
Our services begin
with a free initial consultation for the purpose of mutual envisioning. During this phase, our representative will be happy to explain the entire range of services and products provided by Plant Plantation. With the presentation of this information, we begin the process of partnering with you to explore ideas and designs which meet your objectives. Custom design(s) and layouts are then documented and presented in the preferred manner and media. The collaborative design may be provided via personal presentation, physical documents, emailing of electronic documents, other means, or a combination of these. Of course, all designs and concepts are subject to customer approval and modification. All plants, containers, and possibly hardscape items (fountains, etc.) are proposed with consideration for style and environment.
Our professional installation staff cleans and prepares the plants immediately prior to delivery. This team assures safe and proper delivery, and then courteously installs your new plants - cheerfully cleaning up afterward! Regularly scheduled warranted care is a very important service provided by Plant Plantation. We guarantee all interior plantings under our care will be attractive at all times. Any plants which become unsightly, or overgrown for their locations, are replaced free of charge under our standard guaranteed maintenance program.
Lease and purchase options are available. Of course, options are customizable to meet your budgetary requirements. Fees are as low as $69 per month for maintenance services, depending upon number and type of plants involved. Buy now!

We strive to provide designs, products, and services which will meet and exceed your expectations!

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